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Weinberg’s Deli

A few years ago, the New York Times ran an article that observed the decline of the delicatessen. At that time, there was no New York-style deli in Raleigh. I was pleased to hear that Weinberg’s Deli was going to change that. I was even more pleased to hear that Neil Horwitz would be consulting on the restaurant.

Weinberg's Deli, Raleigh, NC

Horwitz’s Deli holds fond memories for me. My parents took me there for lunch fairly often in the 80s. I spent a few years in Miami in the late 90s, but I could not find a deli there that served a corned beef and brisket sandwich that was even close. Even the famous (and now defunct) Wolfie’s paled in comparison.

Weinberg’s for Breakfast and Lunch

I’ve now been to Weinberg’s for both breakfast and lunch.

The corned beef and brisket that I loved as a kid was not on the menu. I ordered it anyway. The waitress asked: “Is that one the menu?” I said “no” with a smile. She laughed and they made it anyway. It was just as I had remembered. The portion of meat was huge and could barely be contained by the soft, fresh rye bread. The pickles were flavorful, fresh, and crisp.

Weinberg's Deli, Raleigh, NC

For brunch, I tried the eggs and lox. Again, everything was fresh. The everything bagel was as good as I have found in Raleigh, but it was toasted a little too much. The plate did not come out of the kitchen as hot as I would have liked.

Weinberg's Deli, Raleigh, NC

I found the service to be friendly. I got my drinks right away. At a peak lunch hour, the food came out just as fast as at a late brunch when I was the only one seated, about fifteen minutes.

It’s a Deli, Ya’ll!

Weinberg’s is not kosher. Several readers have opined that this renders it inauthentic. By that logic, Katz’s, the Stage Deli and Carnegie Deli in New York are inauthentic, as well. Weinberg’s is a restaurant that reflects the reality of the marketplace. Weinberg’s will have ham on the menu and will serve milk and meat together. The eggs and lox come with the choice of a side of hash browns or grits, a clear nod to the region.

For me, and I suspect for most folks, that’s just fine.


Weinberg's Deli, Raleigh, NC

Weinberg’s Deli
6016 Falls of Neuse Road • Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 621-4272

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  1. Definately 5 stars!

    Had an absolutely fabulous brunch at Weinbergs Deli on Saturday morning. The service was prompt and our party was large. Our waitress was a great combination of efficiency and humor- just what you need on Saturday mid morning.
    Everyone loved the food. Gracious portions. Eggs were perfect and hot when they got to the table. The Cornbeef Hash was really good. My husband had the Nova Salmon with cream cheese, very nice, and not as salty as Lox, if you are looking to keep you salt intake down. The waitress was helpful to point that out when my husband ordered. My son at the Lox and it was also yummy. These were only topped by the Eggs Benedict. Wonderful tangy hollandaise so refreshing. The cheese pie is not to be missed, it didn’t make it past my college kids to their uncle, we ended up ordering 3 more pieces. Coffee was hot and our waitress kept it coming.

    I thought the prices were reasonable. The potions plentiful ( my daughter and I shared the Hash and both had plenty). Bagels are big, and wonderfully fresh. We purchased deli meats to take home and they are delicious too.

    Definately a place not to miss.

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