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Cantina 18

After the disaster that was Cantina South, I still needed to get my Mexican fix, so decided to try Cantina 18, located in Cameron Village. What a difference 12 blocks make.

The service was impeccable; prompt and courteous but not intrusive. The queso and chips ($5) were great. The chips were warm and crispy. The queso was a little mild for my liking, but very tasty nonetheless.

Cantina 18 Queso, Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC

I tried the shrimp taco, the special of the day. I find a lot of restaurants are quite miserly when it come the the shrimp dishes, so I give Cantina 18 bonus points for being generous.

Cantina Fish Taco, Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC

For $7, the taco came with a side of rice, beans, and slaw.

Cantina 18 Side of Rice and Beans, Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC

It was lunch on a weekday, and sometimes my wife reads these reviews, so I will not admit to trying a margarita. But I hear that they are good, too.

I really have nothing but compliments for Cantina 18.

Highly recommended.

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