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There’s a lot to like about Blue Mango, which just opened on Glenwood South.

In focusing my reviews on new restaurants, I’ve seen a lot of places open up, with varying degrees of success. Blue Mango has done a really superb job. Everything about the restaurant is quality; the interior design, the service, and the food. The other restaurants that come to mind that had it right from day one are Beasley’s and Calavera. Perhaps even more importantly, the staff is especially attentive, almost to the point of falling over themselves to ensure that I enjoyed my experience.


From the lunch menu, I ordered jal tarang, seared scallops sautéed with spices and herbs served with mango and turmeric sauce. This was a wonderful dish. The scallops were fresh, perfectly cooked and were complimented by both a more traditional Indian curry sauce and a tangy red sauce.

The atmosphere had an interesting serenity about it. Even thought I was having my lunch on a busy weekday on Glenwood, I felt like I had stepped into a more peaceful place for a short while. The contemporary interior reflects the modern take on the cuisine. As I write this, I wonder if the purists will take me to task for choosing scallops…

I did not have a chance to try any of Blue Mango’s unique cocktails, but I will have to remedy that deficiency soon. I foresee a supplement to this review in the coming weeks.


Highly recommended.

222 Glenwood Avenue • Raleigh, NC 27603
919 . 322 . 2760

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  1. I was in Raleigh visiting old friends. We had a decent dinner there during Raleigh’s Dining out week. The food is good, but I have had better, but I was fairly satisfied with the experience, until I saw my credit card statement.

    Here’s my complaint. I have written email to the restaurant twice about the waiter upping his tip AFTER I had written one on the credit card. This is stealing. The restaurant hasn’t replied, so they haven’t addressed this issue. Make sure you don’t get server “Padrick” (Patrick, I suppose). He took a perfectly decent tip of $20.00 on a bill of $116.00, and doubled it to $40.00. BEWARE!

  2. I also dined at Blue Mango recently. I really enjoyed my experience and agree that the ambiance just captures a person’s mind immediately as soon as you enter through the door. As usual, people often wonder if the cuisine can follow with the beautiful decor and it really did. I had the Salmon Makhni and it was delicious. The Salmon was cooked to perfection. Very tender and the sauce had a great combination. I also had the Gentleman’s Tea which was also very good. I highly recommend trying out this place.

  3. For people who adore Indian aunthantic food or want to try the very best of Indian cuisine must go and check out your self the reason is I can coment til cows come home unless you taste the food in your mouth one can never tell how tanalisig the food please check out your shelf and be blue mango lovers.

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