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Food Trucks Operate without a Hiccup

Food Truck ordinance violations and complaints have been virtually nil, according to a six-month summary report on food truck activity made public in the Raleigh City Council’s May 14 meeting.

During the six months since the new food truck regulations became effective on October 1, 2011, the City has issued 11 location permits and 18 operational permits to food-truck operators.

One food truck operator was issued a ticket for operating without a permit on October 11, 2011, only 10 days after the ordinance went into effect. The operator then applied for and received the proper permit.

Neither the City Zoning Enforcement Division nor the Police Department has received a citizen complaint about a food truck operator.

The Raleigh Food Truck ordinance passed by a 6-2 margin over the concerns of some restaurant operators who feared that the food trucks would have an unfair business advance because they do not have the high overhead of downtown rent. Food truck proponents counter that the food trucks will attract more customers to the do

Under the ordinance, food trucks must operate at least 100 feet from the main entrance or outdoor dining area of restaurants. Food trucks can operate from 6 am to 3 am but have to close at 10 pm if they are near residential areas.

The City of Raleigh website has a detailed page explaining the food truck permit process.

The text of the Raleigh Food Truck Ordinance is available here and the City of Raleigh’s manual is available here.

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