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Fake Delinquent Parking Violation Notices Pop Up Around Meredith College

Car owners near Meredith College report finding fake notices of delinquent parking violations on their cars. The notices are false and were not issued by the City of Raleigh.

The fake notices were placed on cars near Meredith College on Hillsborough Street and Dixie Trail. The fake notices contain the City of Raleigh seal and a payment website for ParkLink, which is, in fact, responsible for City parking enforcement.

The fake notices also include information on the amount of the original parking violation plus a “delinquint” (sic) penalty fee. One of the notices sought payment for $476, including a delinquent penalty of $170.

The City of Raleigh does not place notices about delinquent parking violations on vehicles. Correspondence is generally done by U.S. mail. Anyone who suspects they have received one of the bogus notices should not send money but instead contact the City of Raleigh Police Department at 919-996-3335.

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