Crank Arm Combines Bikes and Brews

Crank Arm founders: Mike Morris, Adam Eckhardt and Dylan Selinger
Mike Morris, Adam Eckhardt and Dylan Selinger

Crank Arm has operated for about two years, providing rickshaw service in downtown Raleigh. But all along, the Crank Arm founders have wanted more: to open to a brewery and pub. Crank Arm is now near its goal of opening a 7-barrel system brewery this spring at 319 West Davie Street in the Raleigh Warehouse District.

The jump from rickshaws to brewery may seem like a stretch, but the founders have solid credentials to expand Crank Arm into the micro-brew arena. In particular, founder Michael Morris is a 4-time Great American Beer Festival (GABF) winner and previously worked at other local breweries, including (a Raleigh Citizen favorite) Big Boss Brewing Company.

All three founders – Mike Morris, Adam Eckhardt, and Dylan Selinger – are committed to beer, cycling and the local Raleigh community. Their local beer distribution system includes (naturally) rickshaws and a vegetable oil-powered pickup truck. They have been putting a lot of own money and sweat equity into the Crank Arm expansion. But, recently Crank Arm turned to a very cutting edge method of raising capital to finalize their opening: kickstarter . Their goal is to raise $35,000 by February 17, 2013; they are currently very close to meeting this goal.

To commemorate the end of the kickstarter project, Crank Arm is holding a beer tasting and food truck rodeo on Sunday, February 17 from 3 to 6 pm. Crank Arm Brewing will be pouring the White Wall Wit (Belgian yeast, American hops). Oak City Cycling Project, a full service bike shop located at 212 East Franklin Street in Raleigh, a will host the event.

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