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Restaurant and Bar Openings

Three new establishments have opened near downtown Raleigh, filling in locations that have been vacant for some time now.

Dram & Draught, 623 Hillsborough Street across from Char-Grill. http://dramanddraught.com/

H Street Kitchen, 2420 Hillsborough Street in the old Varsity Theatre spot. http://hstreetkitchen.com/

Parkside, 301 W. Martin Street, in the Brewmasters spot. http://parksideraleigh.com/

Raleigh Oks parking app for Hillsborough Street

The Raleigh City Council on Tuesday approved a three-month pilot program that will allow people to use a mobile app, Passport Parking, to pay for parking at 244 spaces along Hillsborough Street near downtown.

NC Rejects Proposal to help preserve land along Fall Lake

The state Department of Environmental Quality rejected a proposal by local governments to preserve land along Falls Lake. State officials say they’re not sure land conservation would prevent pollution-causing nutrients from entering the drinking-water source.  Falls Lake is considered “impaired” under the Clean Water Act due to its high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Federal Appeals Court rejects NC’s request to postpone voter ID decision

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the State’s request for a stay, one day after state leaders’ attorneys requested that last week’s ruling be set aside as they prepare to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the case.

McCrory let HB Funding Bill become law without signing

Governor Pat McCrory has allowed a bill to become law that was part of the “technical correction” of the original law, and transfers $500,000 from a disaster-relief fund to pay to defend the state against lawsuits over HB2.

Dispute Erupts over A State Toxicologist’s Testimony about Coal Ash and Drinking Water Safety

Kenneth Rudo, a state toxicologist, testified that health and environment officials sought to “play down the risk” of coal ash contaminating drinking water wells near Duke Progress Energy power plants. This news apparently so alarmed the McCrory administration that Chief of Staff issued a news release and then held a hastily arranged late-night news conference saying that the toxicologist was lying about a meeting in which the scientist says McCrory participated by phone, stating: “We don’t know why Ken Rudo lied under oath, but the governor absolutely did not take part in or request this call or meeting, as he suggests.”

Constitution 6, NCGA 0

The WRAL Editorial Board weighs in on the General Assembly’s legal losing streak.


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  1. […] Last week Kenneth Rudio, a toxicologist in the state health and environment office, and Governor McCrory exchanged words about the state’s responses to the risk that Duke Progress Energy coal ash ponds posed to the drinking water. This week, Rudio’s supervisor Dr. Megan Davies resigned in protest because she claimed the state made “deliberately mislead[ing]” statement about water quality near the coal ash ponds. […]

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