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State Epidemiologist Resigns, Says State Officials Are Misleading Public

Last week Kenneth Rudio, a toxicologist in the state health and environment office, and Governor McCrory exchanged words about the state’s responses to the risk that Duke Progress Energy coal ash ponds posed to the drinking water. This week, Rudio’s supervisor Dr. Megan Davies resigned in protest because she claimed the state made “deliberately mislead[ing]” statement about water quality near the coal ash ponds.

Flythe Cyclery in Raleigh closing after 70 years

Unable to keep the business in the family, Flythe Cyclery is closing after 70 years. The building is now for sale on Peace Street, which as we noted two weeks ago is an area that appears to be heating up, with a potential Publix coming across the street.

WUNC Launches new Radio Station

North Carolina Public Radio has launched a new radio station. WUNC Music can now be found online and on your phone at and on HD2 in the Triangle area.

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