Weinberg’s Deli

6016 Falls of Neuse Road • Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 621-4272

Weinberg's Deli, Raleigh, NC
Weinberg's Deli, Raleigh, NC


Weinberg’s is a traditional New York-style deli. The menu includes knish, potato pancakes, blintzes, bagels, matzo ball soup, a variety of sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 6:30 am – 8 pm
Friday & Saturday 6:30 am – 9:30pm
Sunday 6:30am – 6pm


  1. sheila says

    went to an event last night that was catered by Weinberg’s..everything was delish!!!..Best chopped liver I ever had (next to my mother’s of course)….kudos….

  2. Nancy says

    The sandwiches are great….not Kosher, but ample and warm. But what is with the disgusting cole slaw and potato salad? Potatoes are raw, no seasoning, gloppy sweet white paste….probably Miracle Whip and sugar. I’ve been several times for the pastrami, but always push the salad to the side. Who can be in the food business and serve something so nasty? The manager is sort of a “nazi.” I once asked my waiter for some vinegar or hot sauce for the lentil soup, and the manager came out of the kitchen and demanded to know what was wroing with his soup! I said nothing is wrong, I just like it spicy. He was very upset. Just ignore him.

  3. R. Flanagan says

    i had takeout and they had only been opena few weeks. Service was awful. No system for the takeout orders and the people cashing out. Food was good once I got it but my chopped liver was liverwirst. The knish was missing so had to wait more. Got home and no pickles and no side of potatoe salad.

    This is not an authentic Jewish Deli. They have ham and offer cheese with corned beef and other meat. They charge extra if you want a bagel with your breakfast platter. Will see how the little things shake out. But am not sure they will last if they don’t fix the service problems.

  4. Wes says

    My wife and I ate at this deli once before and the food was good but the service was poor. But being fair, we gave it another chance. Big mistake. We were seated… that’s the best thing I can say about the experience. We sat there for 10 minutes without anybody even taking our drink order. We saw 3 tables of people served who were all seated after us. My wife and I gave up and left without anyone even noticing we were gone. I was upset, so I went back in and talked to the “manager / pickle guy”. I explained that my wife and I had been sitting there for 10 minutes and they couldn’t even remember us being seated at all. I was calm and respectful with this “manager / pickle guy”, but when I told him I was leaving, he said “see you later” in a disrespectful huff. I know mistakes happen, but it’s how you handle the mistake that’s important. This “manager / pickle guy” didn’t try to correct the situation at all. I have almost 20 years of management experience in the restaurant industry, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field, but even a #2 pencil would recognize the poor, disrespectful service that appears to be common-place at this deli. Don’t go here, Jason’s Deli is only 3/4 of a mile away on Spring Forest.

  5. Jenn says

    My husband and I tried this place on Saturday for lunch. I’ll start with the positives: the food was good and the portions were fair for the price. However, the bad: we never received any free pickles that everyone else seemed to have gotten (we realized this too late to request them), it took 10 minutes for our soup appetizers to arrive and then the meals arrived before we’d even had 2 spoonfuls, and I initially received the wrong sandwich and when it was replaced (promptly, I should add) I never received an apology for the mix-up. To top it off, when we paid the cashier’s demeanor can only be described as “distracted”. She barely even acknowledged us except to take our money – when I said “have a nice day!” she looked at me and then turned to the guy beside her and said “the next people go to table 8″. That annoyed me more than it probably should have, but I was already kind of irritated with the whole experience at that point. All that said, I spent many years working in restaurants so I understand that this place is new and there are still some kinks to be worked out and personnel issues that will hopefully be resolved in time. For my husband and I, the food was good enough to make us want to return at some point, but we’ve decided to wait a bit until they figure out that customer service is at least as important as what is on the plate.

  6. Justin Sellars says

    What can I say about this Deli? It’s not an authentic Jewish deli from NY. Sure it serves a couple of ‘Jewish’ dishes but can you really honestly call that a Jewish deli? Tonight was a bad night to head to the deli. The one server working the floor was working as hard as she could to please everyone. My family and I have no problems with the service from the waitress. It came from the kitchen. It took over 35 minutes for my family members to receive their cold sandwiches after I told them to bring it out. What was supposed to be cooked the cabbage rolls was not done properly. The cabbage was room temperature and the meat inside was passable as warm. For me, I ordered a reuben style hamburger that took 45 minutes to be served to me. Really? I got into an argument with the owner, a small stout man that does not seem to care for customer satisfaction. The argument was over the burger itself. He stated that the burger takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook and get up to 155 degrees by state law. I find this amusing as other cooked to order establishments will cook my ground beef burger to any wellness from medium to well done. But this is not really my issue. My issue is the fact that a 15/20 minute burger was served 45 minutes after being ordered, and my family 35 minutes after their order. This place needs a management change and soon to survive. Customer satisfaction is not job #1 for them and they seemed to have cared less about how long it took to get anyone their order.

    I would say, best to avoid this place.

  7. Scott says

    I do not understand how you can call this place “authentic Jewish Deli”. I was born and raised and lived most my life in NYC and I am Jewish. Weinberg’sis nothing more than an Italian Deli that has some Kosher meats and Jewish style food. Authentic NY Jewish Delicatessens do NOT serve (and I can’t believe I even have to explain this) Virginia Ham, Cooked Ham, Italian Salami, Liverwurst, and offer Cheese options with meat. Also they do NOT charge for cole slaw. They have Hot Dogs and Knishes grilling behind the counter which you see as soonas you walk in. Neil Horwitz used to have the same non-Jewish/non-kosher meats and cheese in Horwitz’s Deli, so I am not surprised that Weinberg who used to work for him would have a similar menu. That was his first mistake. He should have consulted with someone who currently runs or in the past ran an authentic Jewish Deli from NY. You can’t expect to consult with someone who was born and raised in the south and get the same results as consulting with someone born and raised in NY.

  8. Irene says

    OMG this place is amazing!!!! We’ve been back twice already and have gotten take out so we could try other foods. Here goes…Corned Beef to die for, Real NY Rye Bread, Kosher pickles yum, Lox sandwich on a good bagel (flown in from the Bronx (really), Chopped liver like mom made. For dinner try the stuffed cabbage and kasha with Bowties! Most foods are made right on the premises. Service was great too. We’ll be back.

  9. says

    Had a late lunch at Weinbergs with the spousal unit the other day – and all was GREAT! This is the best pastrami we have had in years, and the knishes were superb! Please try the Reuben rolls – even the Thousand Island dipping sauce was great – not sickeningly sweet like others. We really had a hard time deciding what to order; the menu gave some excellent choices. The only thing that was difficult was dessert – we had to get it to go because we were embarassingly stuffed! Hope Weinbergs has a long successful run!

  10. Al says

    oops meant to give 5 stars. I read other people’s reviews . . this place is awesome – -and the cole slaw (and I love cole slaw) was superb.

  11. Al says

    EXCELLENT! Great Tomato Bisque Soup special today! The food was great and so was the service. Nice to have a good NY style deli in the area – Knishes were fabulous too.

  12. Gary says

    The owner is extremely capable, has his heart and soul invested in this deli and has a lifetime of experience in the deli and food business. They just opened, please give them some time and Raleigh will be rewarded with an authentic Jewish Deli to enjoy for many years. Frankly I’m envious!

  13. J Anderson says

    Veggie Soup is a HUGH disappointment. Taste like water with some (not many) can veggies thrown in it and some leafy things with stems floating on the top. Horrible.

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